Save the date for this year's Youth Voting Summit taking place on October 4, 2024. We're bringing together and growing civic leaders for a day of skill building and connection.

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Maine Students Vote encourages young people to become democratic leaders and life-long civic champions in their communities.

Maine Students Vote is a network of student and adults that are focused on increasing election engagement and civic participation on college campuses and high schools in Maine. We support campuses and schools in developing voter education materials, organizational action planning, training and mentoring civic leaders, and coordinating get-out-the-vote efforts. We have been on the ground since 2015, and work collaboratively with other national and local youth voting organizations.

This is a nonpartisan initiative that is focused on being a trusted resource for all Maine communities.

Student Voters

Maine has an upcoming statewide primary election on November 5, 2024. If you are a U.S. citizen, reside in Maine, and will be 18 or older on or before June 11, you are eligible to vote! If you go to college in Maine, you are eligible to register and vote here in Maine, if you want. But, you must establish a voting residence there. You can establish a voting residence at your Maine campus address even if it’s a dorm or apartment.

As a student, as long as you meet the Maine residency requirements, you are allowed to vote in Maine.

Need help getting started? Visit for how to register to vote, how to establish residency on your Maine campus, and more.

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This is a youth-led space for individual connect between youth who share a common passion. We welcome college, high school, and out of school organizers to share their experiences and projects. Hosted on Slack this virtual space will has resources and monthly meetings to share updates and brainstorm solutions.

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We work with an amazing team of adults that volunteer their time to support youth voters. Come join the team and work on our outreach strategies, train voter registration leaders, and so much more!

The form below will lead you to our partner the League of Women Voter’s of Maine’s website. Be sure to click MSV in the menu bar at the top of the page!

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Looking for a way to add civic or voter education to your class? From a quick 5 Mins for Democracy presentation to full civic based lessons and more we have you covered. Click below for our full list of resources.

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