Suite of Services

Thank you for your interest in our youth engagement programs! Here are the wide variety of services that we offer. To request one or any of these services, click here to fill out our intake form. Or use your phone to scan the QR code to access the form.




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Voter Engagement

1. Train-the-trainer voter registration.

We can offer one-on-one or small group trainings to people who want to do third-party voter registration events or help others register to vote.

2. Tabling for voter registration.

Our volunteers will bring materials and set up a table to help people register to vote and answer their questions.

3. Get Out The Vote Organizing.

We teach relational organizing centered around getting out the vote by teaching people how to effectively communicate within their personal networks.




Leadership Development

1. Youth Council.

A group of young people interested in democracy, who work with the League of Women Voters to organize their peers and take action.

2. Fellowships & Internships.

Financial support is available to students who take on specific responsibilities.

3. Organizers + Voting Captains.

We will provide training and support for students who want to step into leadership positions.

4. Speakers’ Bureau.

Students with an interest in public speaking can join our Speakers’ Bureau, which meets regularly to practice the skills needed to be an effective speaker.




Faculty and School Support

1. Curriculum.

We have developed curricula on a few topics that you can take, modify to suit your needs, and present in your classroom.
  • Youth Civics Education — A starting point for civic involvement.
  • Money in Politics — An overview of issues surrounding money in politics.
  • Suffrage History — Created for the centennial, the story of women’s suffrage in the context of the fight for full enfranchisement for all people.

2. Training.

We have developed a training guide for faculty who are interested in integrating democratic engagement into their classes. We are also available for 30 minute coaching sessions with faculty and will have an annual faculty meeting to further address needs and gaps in resources.


3. Classroom visits.

We can provide a guest speaker on a variety of topics related to democracy. These include:
  • Maine Voting Laws
  • Why the Youth Vote Matters
  • What’s on the Ballot — Election Information Sessions (around upcoming elections)





1. Campus/school action + long-term planning.

We can provide our action plan template and example action plans for campuses. We are also available for action-planning consultations.

2. Best practices in voter engagement policies + procedures.

We have put together a resource guide that highlights examples from state and national leaders in the civic engagement field and we are also available for consultation on how your campus/school can integrate voter engagement into existing policies.




Coalition Building

1. Events.

  • Civic Holidays — We support campuses and will also host national events on Constitution Day, National Voter Registration Day, Voter Education Week, Vote Early Day, and Election Hero Day.
  • Conferences — We host an annual Student Voting Summit and other student-centered election engagement events.

2. Network Calls + Newsletter.

We coordinate monthly network calls as well as a monthly newsletter that highlights civic engagement resources and events.