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League of Women Voters of Maine

Past Issues:


April '24

In this issue, we discuss the strength of the young voter and how your school can prepare for the big election this November.


March '24

In this issue, we will highlight examples of youth engagement taking place within community organizations and high schools in our state.


February '24

This month’s issue focuses on Media Literacy, a critical topic and a good companion resource to last month’s issue on Civil Discourse.


January '24

The 2024 presidential election season will provide many teaching moments in the classroom. To help in those conversations, we are kicking off this year with the theme of Civil Discourse.


December '23

With the elections behind us, help your students understand what happened with all those questions on the ballot and what happens now.


November '23

With election day behind us, we are shifting gears to focus on local government and the ways students can get involved.


October '23

Election season is upon us! This November Maine voters will make their voices heard on eight referendum questions.


September '23

Welcome back! We know you have a busy year ahead and we want to support you as you prepare your students to be active citizens.


August '23

As the summer winds down, we are gearing up for the school year and know you are as well. We have two time-sensitive items for you to share with your students when they're back.


June '23

With the school year ending, we know this is an especially busy time for educators. Rather than suggesting material to use in your classroom this month, we’ve focused on the state of and importance for civics education.


May '23

we are encouraging schools and students to use graduation as an opportunity to register more students, particularly those graduating. Learn below how you can play a role!


April '23

This issue provides resources for schools to support students in getting registered and preparing them to vote.


March '23

This month we are looking at how educators can increase students' understanding of the state legislative process as well as local elections.


February '23

In this issue of Civic Digest, we explore resources for teaching civics K-12 and highlight several projects in Maine schools that inspire students to get involved.


January '23

This month's newsletter focuses on media literacy. With the rapid pace that news, information, and media coming our way, it is more important than ever that we understand how to sort through the noise.